Our creative team takes your story and unfolds it over the course of the event through multiple kinds of media—including the invitation stream, live scripting, powerpoints, animated presentations, banners, giving portfolios and powerful videos. On any given day, chances are Westfall Gold has a video team shooting somewhere in the world—from Mongolia to Madagascar.


But none of this is done in a vacuum. Westfall Gold collaborates with you to define the theme and essential elements of the messaging, to refine your ask, and to make sure your brand is properly supported. And while there are many other good creative groups on the planet, there are none that understand the psychology of the major donor so well—and can move them so passionately. 


Examples of Our Video Work

         Medical Teams International Pillar Video

                      Vision Trust Pillar Video

                            YWAM Pillar Video


       Knoxville Area Rescue Mission Pillar Video

                       iTeams Overview Video


Examples of Our Collateral Work