To attract your donors, we have to draw the right speakers. We know from experience that the number one “draw” for building attendance at your event is the venue first and the featured speakers and musicians second. At Westfall Speakers, our huge network and extensive research ensures that we know which speakers and artists would be the best match for your organization, how much they cost, and when or if they are available.


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Michael Smallbone   |  
An entrepreneur at heart, Michael has founded multiple companies in the entertainment and natural healthcare business sectors.  He has a background in Entertainment Law and loves working with talent to help develop their overall public platform.  In addition to his legal background, Michael spent almost a decade working with speakers as a talent representative working with some of the world’s finest speakers and entertainers.

Originally from Australia, Michael migrated to the USA in 2000 and he is the proud father of three boys and is married to Jennifer.

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Rob Murray  |  
Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa,  Rob graduated from Stellenbosh University with a B.A. in Theology before moving to the United States in 2002. He has spent the last decade sharpening his skills in the areas of event booking, social entrepreneurship, and leadership development. In 2014 he completed a Masters’ Degree in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship which now fuels his ongoing passion for developing strategic ways to connect the the bridge between the donor, the market place, and social justice. 

Rob and his wife Natalie now reside in Nashville, Tennessee with their four children.