Today, major donors provide the best opportunity to meet your organization’s growth objectives and fulfill your mission.  But acquiring and cultivating major donors is a big challenge for most non-profits, and it often takes years to accomplish. Too many major donor programs are underdeveloped, with donors who are under performing.

It is no longer enough to make a clear, intellectual case. You must also build bridges of trust, and create a wrap-around community experience that binds donors to a “tribe” that shares their deepest concerns.

For non-profits to experience significant growth, there needs to be as better way, a faster way, a more relational solution.

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Create the case.

Why should major donors bond with your vision? What unique need do you meet? Why now—where is the urgency to make a significant gift and make it immediately? Our deeply experienced creative team will work collaboratively with you to develop the messaging strategy, define the “Ask,” and build a complete case—intellectual, emotional and transformational– that best motivates major donors to give.

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In many instances, this initial step has implications that will impact your branding far beyond the weekend—a significant “value-add.” From there, we create your invitation stream, script speakers, and produce event identity graphics, video and collateral support. Over the course of the event, we help present the case with award winning impact. Our video team, for example, travels the world producing hundreds of videos a year—earning nine Telly awards this year alone.

Inspire trust.

Our Senior Consultants will help you plan every detail of the process and the program, ensuring best practices are followed to build your donors’ trust in you. And because each consultant is a proven development leader in their own right, you can trust in them–especially since their insights are based on the execution and analysis of hundreds of completed events.

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Pre-weekend, they’ll guide you through donor analytics and attendance-building strategies, speaker selection and talent booking.
During the weekend, they’ll be on site to direct the program—so that you can focus on your donors. And afterward, they’ll help you with follow-up strategies that build trust—and significant giving—for a lifetime.

Build community.

A Westfall Gold Major Donor Experience is incredibly complex and requires attention to hundreds of details that must be executed with excellence. That’s why  every client is supported by an event service team who see to every detail with an incredible degree of professionalism—from site selection and talent booking to meals, program flow, pillow gifts, registration, A/V and so much more. Their herculean efforts will include more than 17 distinct opportunities throughout the weekend to build community among donors, and an unshakable relationship with you.

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