Major Donor Cultivation: Why Your Biggest Donors are Dying to Connect

Create deep connections to your purpose and vision — and unleash truly transformational giving.

Lisa Wolfe
Westfall Gold VP of Consulting

High-capacity donors are searching for a reason to give. When you can show them the life-transforming impact their gift will have, they become capable of extraordinary giving. It all starts with building the deep connections major donors crave.

Start by making compelling connections

When meeting with your organization’s biggest donors, it’s important to create an opportunity not only for you to discover who they are and what moves them—but to also provide a chance for them to connect with your vision and mission.

One reason a Westfall Gold Major Donor Event is so successful is that it provides both. Typically, this type of connecting can take between 12 to 24 months to establish. With our event model, deep connections can be built in just 3½ days.

According to the recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article, “The Basics of Meeting with Big Donors,” one of the key moves is to get to know the donor, and it’s just one of many that a Westfall event meets head-on.

Create a time of community building
and vision casting

It’s true that meetings aren’t for everyone, but a Westfall Gold Major Donor Event is so much more than just a face-to-face touch—it’s intended to be a time of community building and vision casting that combines for a truly life-changing experience for all involved.

The Westfall Gold Major Donor Event also respects the donor’s time. Sure, donors are asked to spend 3 1/2 days with leadership, staff, and friends of your organization. Bu they’re asked to spend them at one the country’s most beautiful resorts.

During the weekend, they experience programming that is engaging, inspiring, and entertaining. They’re given prime daytime hours to enjoy however they please. And when it’s time to showcase your mission, the Westfall Gold creative team will help you tell your story in a way that allows your donors to bond more deeply with your purpose and vision.

Welcome them like family

A Westfall Gold Major Donor Event involves your entire team. Beyond interaction with their case manager, donors are able to get up close and personal with the faces of your organization. Beyond members of leadership, donors also have the opportunity to meet the people who are on the ground around the world, or in their hometowns, making a real difference every day.

Through inspiring videos, they get to know the people whose lives are being changed thanks to generous donors like themselves. They can also make friends with your biggest advocates—other donors who share your vision for future impact. Ultimately, a Westfall Gold Major Donor Event connects donors to all levels of your organization, and welcomes them like family.

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